SONDER (2017 LP1)

by Culprit

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For Fans of, From Indian Lakes, Armor For Sleep & Emarosa - support Culprit. Favorite track: Scarlett.


This download features our 2017 first full length album, SONDER.

A special thank you is owed to everyone who pre-ordered our new album via PledgeMusic!




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• Engineered, Produced & Mixed by : Anthony Reeder
• Recorded at : Grey Area Studios (North Hollywood)
• Mastering : Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering)
• Artwork Design : Sum & Substance (
• Photography : Ian Flanigan (



released March 4, 2017

All music written by Culprit.



all rights reserved


Culprit Los Angeles, California

Culprit is an indie rock / progressive band from Los Angeles, California.


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Track Name: Gargantua
Culprit - Gargantua (Official Lyrics)

I am everything.
I am nothing.

The space in between the light is what keeps us all in time.
(Makes us all alive)
I know I gave you the world.
You know that I gave what I could.
(You know that I gave to you all that I could.)

Pull in closer to the dark,
Where everything forfeits their bright,
It's shrouded in contingency.

I can't stop
'Till I have had the lot.
I can't stop.
Track Name: Anything
Culprit - Anything (Official Lyrics)

Someday, I'll have my wits about me and
I'll say all the right things and you'll
Love me, until the wind blows through the trees,
But it's all a dream.

I try to piece it together in time.
Where did I really go wrong?
Gave up my best years to have them tossed aside.

All I know,
You wore it so well
When I gave you everything.
Don't you know
That I would have done
Anything, anything.

I never wanted you to leave me hanging dry.
Forgive me for thinking you would give it one more try.

This is the last time that I will let you in
Gave up my best years
Showed you all my fears.
Track Name: Glow
Culprit - Glow (Official Lyrics)

Why we must be
So incomplete,
That we compete
We look so vain
Causing so much pain
Because we don't believe in the same.

These prophesies fall short, you see.
Separating us from ourselves.

There's hope in all of us.
Don't let them dim the love in you,
Don't lose your glow
For all we know
It's all that we have.
Shine so bright.

All that we need
To not accept defeat
Then we can be the change we want to see.

Don't lose your glow
It's all that we have.
Track Name: Scarlett
Culprit - Scarlett (Official Lyrics)

Speak softly now,
We don't want them to hear
All the things that we both live for
It's funny how
We both see in ourselves
So much potential.
But I digress, my dear
There's nothing for us here
It just all mental.
But I can't help myself
Cos like minds, they attract...
Yeah, it's elemental.

And so we sway
And dance the night away
This is our time
If only for tonight.
And so we sway
To another day
This is our time
Till our stars cross again.

Your voice crept in like smoke,
It drew me in with each word your lips spoke.
It's such a shame that this can't be.
We'll keep it short and sweet.
Track Name: Monarch
Culprit - Monarch (Official Lyrics)

I watched you
Become someone else.
Like the worst butterfly,
Cocooned in your narcissistic shell.

I know
I am not enough.
I can't hold on
If this what you want.
You can't take back
The things you said.
I can't hold on
If this is want you want.

And after all of the time we shared,
The spark, it just wasn't there.

I don't know why
You can't see my plight.
Just know that this is
The end of us tonight.
And as time goes by,
You've left my mind.
I don't even miss you,
Know I'll sleep well tonight.
As time goes by...
Track Name: Contempathy
Culprit - Contempathy (Official Lyrics)

You said that you
Need to do you
So go out and be
What you want to be
Don't ever look back.

Your name floats right in
Like pins & needles on my skin
You throw your love around
Before I hear those sounds,
"I'm leaving."

You said that you
Need to do you
So go out and be
What you want to be
But you can't have me.
And if you loved me,
Why'd it get ugly?
I must convey
You were part of me,
I won't be the same.
And I must confess
It's for the best
You're just like the rest.

You'll wake up unfamiliar with
Surroundings and you'll struggle to
Just another like me.
What I would give to see that smile
Light up your face just one more time.
But you're not mine.

If you loved me,
Why'd it get ugly?
I must confess
It's for the best
You're just like the rest.
Track Name: Collateral
Culprit - Collateral (Official Lyrics)

I knew this day would come,
It's not like any one.
Life throws into you another one
And though I don't know what to say, express my feelings the right way,
I still want you to know what's in my heart, no I won't fall apart...

(CH 1)
I know you.
And all the things you do have living proof.
I know you.
We will be just fine, I've seen the light.

It's not my choice.
Collateral damage while you find yourself.
You weren't meant to be much more than a memory to me.

(CH 2)
I know you.
And all the things you do, they tell the truth.
I know you.
I have seen the light, and I beg for more.
I'm begging for more.
You keep me begging for more.
Track Name: Songbird
Culprit - Songbird (Official Lyrics)

Not afraid of God, but I am of you.
You've fabricated this world no one knew
The choices you made, the life that you live, lived, will live is a lie.

(PC 1)
No sin evades his gaze.
You'll get lost for days.
This place will show you
All you want to see, in time.
Just step into the light.

We swim in different oceans, but wash on the same shore. We still chase this feeling, yet we always beg for more. There's always a man, there's always a lighthouse, there's always a city. It will be enough, I know how it ends.

We will be just fine.
Hold the line.

(PC 2)
This place will show you
All you want to see, in time.
Just step into the light.

From the sky to the sea,
You'll always be a part of me.
Track Name: Siren (Reprise)
Culprit - Siren (Reprise) [Official Lyrics]

I once saw a shadow pull one thousand stares.
All eyes fixed on her, but she wasn't really there.
In the night, I hear her call my name.
As hard as I try to pay her no mind, she stole the air tonight.

I fell for her song again.
I told myself I wouldn't end up back here this time,
But with one simple glance,
She bit her lip, as she pressed in her hips...

Don't you still feel lonely?
Your touch doesn't feel me.
You're just a distraction from what's real.
But you know desire,
It wins in the end.
Track Name: Denali
Culprit - Denali (Official Lyrics)

Stars shine so bright,
Behind the pale green light.
She danced through the air, cold and quite.
The sky looked right back
And saw everything we all lack
But she could see through, to our beauty.

We all want to find something real.
But life is too short to hide how you feel.
Let it go, out in the wind.
It's the only way to truly win.

I will see this through
If it's the last thing that I do.
Chasing her glow through the night.

And I knew
When the cold hit my face
And I could feel you
And I knew you could feel me too.
So together we sit
In this moment in time
Your hand in mine.
I knew
When the air became still
You showed me your love
Then I felt the warmth of the sun
So together we sit in this moment,
In this moment.