Analogue (2011 EP)

by Culprit



This download features our 2011 EP, "Analogue".





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• Mixed, Produced & Engineered : by Erik Ron.
• Mastering : Sterling Sound NY
• Recorded : Grey Area Studios
• Artwork Design : John Holcomb



released April 20, 2011

All music written by Culprit.



all rights reserved


Culprit Los Angeles, California

Culprit is an indie rock / progressive band from Los Angeles, California.


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Track Name: Siren

I once saw a shadow fool a thousand stares
From the eyes of those who are unprepared
For the frailty of one so fair.
With a simple move, she stole the air
And just as fast as we could bear
Her motive changed, for where we live
We all feel the need to pull the wool.

(You see) The wolf and sheep cannot be friends.
Desire wins in the end.

I once saw a shadow pull a thousand stares
From the eyes of those who were unimpaired
From the frailty of one so bare.
With a simple move, she stole the air,
And Just as fast as she could bear
Our motives changed, for where we live
We all feel the need to pull their wool and keep our own.
Track Name: Strangers

You. I feel your stare from across the room.
I know that you can't be the one I want.
No. I just don't think I can let this go.
I know that I can't be the one you need.
I can see so easily.

I can't do this again.
The more you play the game,
You'll see all the things that you do to me.

I watched lovers become strangers,
What's stranger is that I wanted it to be that way.
I'm at the door, your on the floor.
Don't try to even up the score.
You follow, I'll take the lead
I swear, I'll make you see that...

I knew better.
I knew we couldn't weather
All the bones hiding under our bed.
But it's all just a game that we play.
Track Name: Decimals & Fractions
Decimals & Fractions

I'm caught between these chemical reactions.
I've been testing the bounds of decimals and fractions.
Sifting through the notions of balance and blankets of our lies
The flock is asleep, we'll throw our inhibitions to the sky.

I'm the one who followed you.
I'm the same old boy you always knew,
And my bones will show my heart was split in two.

I just want to be the one to help,
But you won't let me reach out
To save your life.

And I know you're scared,
But I won't let them take you,
I won't let them break you, no,
My arms are tired,
The currents getting stronger
I won't be torn asunder.

This can't be, this won't be
The ending to our perfect story.
I watched a house burn up
From the light it held inside
I remember, oh, so well,
The ending to our perfect story.
Track Name: Redeemer

The Earth will weep.
Now we sleep.

I saw statues crumble, I saw buildings buckle,
As the sky turns black and red.
I saw people stumble, I felt the earth shudder,
As priests were shaking their heads
Saying, "I told you so..."

Is it enough to save our souls,
And all that we've once known,
When we live to lose our own?
Is it enough to brave this storm,
When all that we've once had
Will be laid to rest?

The morning comes.
Everything we knew is gone.
I set out to chart the seas,
Just so you could find me, now,
Please, just breathe for me.
Track Name: Curves

I never thought I'd say goodbye
I never said this was my time.
I'm letting go, And that's more
Than you can say.
This is out of our control.
I just need some time to grow.
I just feel like I've been waiting
For something so much more
Than you can be.

You, my dear, have dragged me
Through the mud, and now I see.
We never were meant to be.
Now you're alone, and I am free.
We never we're meant to be.
You know we never were.